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Your company bases its commitment on respect for nature and the rediscovery and enhancement of ancient flavours that make us appreciate the specialities of our places in the world.
Porcini mushrooms that are fresh, dried and preserved in oil, vegetable preserves, sauces and jams with your art and tradition are exceptional products for our palate.


At the tender age of 84, I am still amazed that I lick my fingers when I handle your products. They are all so wonderful that for years I haven’t prepared eggplant or artichokes on my own. I buy them from you—great price and above all excellent flavour.

Nilde Paoli

Fortunately, you’re there. Otherwise I don’t know what I would do. I can’t eat any vegetables, but your legumes are my SALVATION. Lentils, beans, chickpeas and chickling peas. They are all very good. Your products are my salvation and they are mouth-watering. 100 stars.

Tiziana Fiammenghi

I have been buying Filotei products for many years. They are excellent and of high quality. They are a reserve that is always ready in the pantry. They have never disappointed me, and there is a good value for the money. At Christmas, it has become customary for my family to donate baskets with Filotei products. Gluten-free products have arrived this year. I will make the most of this and give a gift to my celiac friends.

Romina Carosi

I found out about the “Filotei” production from a dear friend of mine during a Christmas we spent to-gether; she gave me a wonderful basket of handmade products.
The basket was magnificent, and I remember that I used all the products in the package in just a month! I’m a vegetarian, and I know about beans…the bag of beans and Tuscan soup. I liked it so much that I asked my friend for another one…for next Christmas! I asked her if she would bring me one of every kind.
But for me, the real delicacies that I could consume (if I had them) 15 times a day are the spicy ke-babs.
I love those little pieces skewered on a stick and immersed in a salty and slightly spicy sauce. They are delicious.
They leave a pleasant sensation of freshness and aromaticity in your mouth that is out of the ordinary. It starts with a taste of cucumber, crunchy and slightly balsamic, the olive in the meantime comes out just a bit and just when your palate notices its presence the pepper has already taken its place.
Finally, when the hot pepper is revealed, it is never too spicy but has a strong and sharp personality. And when you got to the end of the skewer, you don’t even realise that your hand is already in the jar to get another one.
And then the sauces for the bruschetta! What is there to say about these wonderful sweet-smelling sauces that preserve their dignity even without bread? I could open up a jar of green olive sauce, take out a large spoon and eat the whole jar without ever wanting to combine it with other foods because “it is enough by itself”.
Thank you Filotei, I wish you a long life. I hope I’ll always be able to enjoy your products with re-newed pleasure!

Claudia Napoleone

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